Turning Visitors into Friends: Practical Steps for Effective Church Follow-Up

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You’ve just finished leading an amazing Sunday service at your church, and as the last few stragglers head out the door, you notice a family you’ve never seen before. They look lost and hesitant but intrigued by what they’ve just experienced. You know that first impressions matter, but how do you make sure these new visitors feel welcome and connected enough to come back again? The answer lies in having a well-planned follow-up strategy.

Following up with new visitors is crucial for any church community. It’s a small way to express care on their journey and that your church is a welcoming and supportive place for them to explore their faith. With that in mind, here are five creative points to consider for your follow-up strategy:

  • Give them a warm welcome
  • Offer a personalized touch
  • Provide opportunities to connect
  • Be creative with follow-up methods
  • Show them you care

By incorporating these five points into your follow-up strategy, you’ll be able to make a meaningful and lasting connection with new visitors and help them feel like they belong in your church community. So let’s dive into these points in more detail and explore how to make your follow-up strategy as effective and creative as possible.

  • Give them a warm welcome: Think beyond a standard welcome message or handshake. Have a team of friendly greeters at the door to welcome them with a smile or surprise them with a small gift like a welcome packet or a gift card to a local coffee shop.
  • Offer a personalized touch: Take time to get to know new guests by asking them questions about themselves and their interests. Personalize follow-up messages with a fun fact or memory from their visit to show that you remember them.
  • Provide opportunities to connect: Encourage new guests to connect with others in your church community through small groups, events, or service opportunities. Host a newcomers’ luncheon where they can meet church leaders and learn more about your church’s mission and values.
  • Be creative with follow-up methods: Instead of relying on traditional follow-up methods like phone calls or emails, try sending a fun video message or a handwritten note. Consider creating a social media group for new guests to connect and stay in touch with your church.
  • Show them you care: Above all, show new guests that your church cares about them and their journey. Ask them how to pray for them, send them encouraging messages, and offer support and resources as they explore their faith.

In conclusion, following up with new visitors is crucial to building a welcoming and supportive church community. By incorporating the five creative points we’ve discussed – giving a warm welcome, offering a personalized touch, providing opportunities to connect, being creative with follow-up methods, and showing them you care – you can make your follow-up strategy more effective and meaningful.

Remember, every new visitor to your church is an opportunity to share God’s love and grow your community. By connecting with them, you can help them feel seen, heard, and supported on their faith journey. So don’t be afraid to get thoughtful with your follow-up methods, and always strive to show new visitors that your church is a place where they belong.