Building Stronger Pastors Together

The International Coalition of Christian Pastors (ICCP) envisions a world where all believers are united in the mission of sharing the gospel and spreading the love of God.

What is the ICCP?

The ICCP is an non-denominational, international group of Christian pastors and leaders who have the shared goal of spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth utilizing lessons learned and best practices.

Pastor Training

Training to equip pastors to lead the flock in this modern world

Biblical Resources

Online resources to enhance pastoral biblical knowledge

Pastor Networking

Opportunities to connect and build relationships with other pastors

Church Merges

Checklists and mediation help during church merges


Empowering pastors and communities

Our mission is to empower each other to be agents of transformation and reconciliation in our communities, to be a light and a witness of God’s love and grace. 

ICCP is a coalition of pastors, shepherds, and church leaders who are looking to make a difference and bring revival to their communities.

We’re joined by… 

87% of pastors who participated in ICCP training reported improved preaching and confidence in their minsitry.

ICCP has been a true blessing in my ministry. The resources and training provided have helped me grow as a pastor and better serve my community. I am grateful for this organization and all that it does to support Christian pastors and leaders.

Rev. David Brown Senior Pastor

I have been a part of ICCP for several years now and I can say with certainty that it has been a game-changer for my ministry. The connections I've made and the knowledge I've gained through ICCP have been invaluable.

Rev. Elizabeth Rodriguez Associate Pastor

As a new pastor, I was looking for guidance and support in my ministry, and I found it in ICCP. the mentorship and resources provided have helped me to grow and serve my congregation with confidence. I am so grateful for this organization and all that it does.

Rev. Michael Lees Youth Pastor

Bringing Revival and Growth


Learn More about the ICCP and Our Impact

The purpose of ICCP is to empower pastors and Christian leaders to be agents of transformation and reconciliation in their communities. ICCP provides its members with knowledge and resources they need to be effective in their mission and to foster a spirit of unity among them.

ICCP provides its members with free materials and resources such as Pastors Theological Studies, Church Revival Studies, and conferences.

No, ICCP is a non-denominational organization and is not affiliated with any particular church or denomination.

 Any Christian pastor or leader can become a member of ICCP, regardless of denomination or geographical location.

No, there is no cost to join ICCP. Membership is free of charge.

You can get involved with ICCP by becoming a member, utilizing the full library of resources we provide, attending ICCP events and conferences, and supporting ICCP’s mission and purpose in any way you can.